Saturday, May 15, 2010

There are some inexplicable moments in life….when even your senses give up on you. Some of these moments can lead you to total bliss or sometimes, be the cause of such bad luck.

I met her for the last time, and a simple hug, unleashed her passion and the wrath of her fury at the same time. Hugging her, for all my worth, there was confusion written all over my face. The reason for her outburst was indeed, very unclear to me. Dousing her tears with my fingers, I could not help but smile.

Those tear stricken eyes could not fool me for one moment. The passion in her eyes said it all. The moment of separation was indeed near, but it would be like this, I had not imagined. I just sat there, as cold as ice, holding her close to me, feeling her warmth and trying to reciprocate the same.

It was as if all the heat from the air had just evaporated, leaving me to my own devices.
All that I could think of at that moment was “How should I control her tears when there is no way to control mine?”

Seeing the simplicity and eagerness on her face, I knew the moment of truth was there. I had to let go of her, for her flight was due in less than 2 hours. Exchanging words of comfort, she stepped out of my embrace, never for a second, her eyes leaving mine.

Saying our final parting words, I just turned my face away to look at the Gurudwara on the opposite side of the road. All those memories came flooding back in a moment’s notice. The way we had held hands for the first time, and entered the holy space, was something I was left with. We had both prayed, and like a typical movie scene, my eyes were only on her face.

The serenity, the simplicity had indeed drawn me to her like a magnet. While she prayed, I stared at her face, wondering what she was praying for, although, there were no doubts in my mind.

The memories just come flooding back, tiding me along with them, without any mercy on my heart. It’s been 2 long years since we first met, and since we first hugged each other.

All I am left thinking is, wish I had a time machine and somehow had the control to stop time and turn it back, to moments I so cherish and the times I never wanna forget.

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