Sunday, April 25, 2010

Numbness personified.....

I just sat there...numb as a log!!! It just felt as if the blood in my veins had turned to ice.

The bus started to move and all I could do was just sit and look. A wave of despair swept over me....seeing her go away from me, was like getting stabbed right in the chest!!! The look on her face betrayed her emotions, for the tears had begun to well in her eyes already.

All the moments spent together, flashed in front of my eyes like a mirror image. The good moments had just begun and ended even quicker than usual. I turned back to catch a last glimpse of her simple face. The oncoming traffic had soon taken over her compact car and the moment of separation had begun to sink in.

Sitting in the bus, on my way to the airport, I could suddenly feel everything becoming hazy. Wondering what was the reason, I found myself crying. First time in my whole life, I found emotions which I never knew existed. Although, I knew somewhere inside, that the separation is temporary, for she was going to come to Delhi very soon, still the emotions were tiding me over.

It was as if a part of me had been snatched, and I was left to bleed all the pain out. Putting on my ear phones, I tried to lose myself in the songs. But it was one of those moments. The simplicity on her face, those tears which would make anyone go weak in the knees, the smile which can turn the foulest of moods into laughter, everything returned to haunt me.

Reaching the airport, I could not help but call her up. Her sweet voice hypnotized me and that was all I needed at that moment. Boarding the plane, there was little left to do but catch up on all the sleep I had avoided till the time I was with her.

Even my dreams betrayed me, for they engulfed and transported me to a world, where there were only good memories. The silky hair, the dazzling smile, the look of wanting on her face, everything made it all the better. I did not feel like snapping out of the dream world.

At that point, reality sunk in. Realizing that distances indeed maim the best of relationships. No matter how strong or how weak one may think himself/herself to be, there will always be moments when nature will take its course, and lead you to a point where everything will seem like a surreal dream, making you wish the world would come to a standstill, for now and FOREVER!!!