Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Born Perfect...

Some people think themselves to be perfect...often to the extent of overbearing self adulation!!! It seems to me, that soon a time will come, when self proclaimed marriages will be allowed and the only people to benefit from this law would be such people.

Make them stand in front of a mirror, and they will be able to spend hours and hours together, doing nothing but just admiring at their own reflection in the mirror.

Sometimes, even going to the extent of talking to themselves.

Take the example of "The Great Amitabh Bacchan"....In Amar Akbar Anthony, a movie liked by many, he spoke to himself while looking into the mirror, and to top it all, putting a band aid on his image in the mirror, thinking it to be real.

It is true, no one is born perfect, and to achieve near perfection is considered to be a blessing which only some great people have been able to achieve till date.

Trying, the most successful quality of a person, is what makes the desire to excel and the perseverance to achieve great things in life, which convert into reality from a dream.

Guess in the end, often, it is one's own will....which makes one the person they truly are and truly deserve to be!!!

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