Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Along with me was born a dream...!!

A dream to be the most successful person in life. A person at whom the world will look up to with admiration, and maybe, sometimes with envy as well. As I grew older, the dreams began to get more & more vivid, with life being the canvas, and my dreams playing the role of the water colors. Though the painting is nothing less than a chaos (which you will figure out soon) but then even MF Hussain’s so called modern art is considered to be a rare creation.

Sometimes, imagining myself to be a caped crusader, to being a muscular hunk like He-Man; I saw myself as a savior of mankind, saving the world from unseen blunders and humongous monsters.

The list was endless and the world my vast horizon, I set on a mission to carve out my niche in the society.

So here goes a list of my dream jobs…yup, not one b
ut a few (list just because the day I get one of these jobs it will no more be a dream, so don’t want my dreamy list to exhaust ever) Let’s see though, how many of these I am actually able to accomplish in this lifetime (wish there was an option to carry them over to the later lifetimes as well)

AN ANGEL (Dunno if there is a actually an angel who is a male)

The role of Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty inspired me so much; I ended up thinking myself to be invincible. I could not help but wonder, how cool it would indeed be, to fly on the clouds, look onto the sparkling water of the blue oceans, or just to be able to visit the stars at my own convenience (and even take my girl there).

To be able to flirt with the other angels (obviously those who are the female angels), and to be able to visit nah actually dine and talk with God, to sleep on a bed made of clouds, to jump on a running unicorn…and also have a halo over my head. With my skilled pair of wings intact and ready to flutter I won’t ever dread traffic jams even.

Or even crazy become a tooth fairy like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and have kitty full of shrink paste and amnesia powder, sprinkle it on people and erase whatever you don’t want them to remember. How cool! Abuse your boss (which I so wanna do) and then sprinkle the dust. (I know all of this is a myth, but then so is this job…it’s a dream after all guys!!!)


I remember, when I was just a small kid, I saw a big red colored fire fighting engine zoom past my car. Wondering what it could be, I asked my dad. He told me it was a Fire engine, and the way the Fire fighters were hanging out of the back of the truck was something which could not help but inspire me to bits. Thus, came up my next dream job. To become a fire fighter and rescue people from the trap of blistering blaze. The way, the orange flames snake up their way over its prey, with the hunger and passion no one can ever hope to possess, fighting fire with fire (the idiom) has always held true for me and made it one of dream jobs.


Seeing the overpowering personalities of the Ambani’s and the Birla’s and the Mittal’s has always left me in awe. The way they exude confidence and enthusiasm is something I would always want to achieve in my life (and be on the Forbe’s list as well).

Even I want to dive in my larger than life locker brimming with money just like Uncle Scrooge did and have money eyes twinkling like Dollar nah Rupee ` since the symbol is out! `

Like Mr. Lodge in the Archie’s comics, I have always wished to sway on a big leather chair, or to be able to control the business of big empires, and to have people on my beck and call. The thought is just too good to be true but then dreaming is tax free.


Oprah Winfrey or Jay Leno or even our very own Karan Johar, how all the celebrities drool and die to be on their shows. (Even a coffee hamper excites a man more than Pamela Anderson on Karan’s show) And brooommm ask them anything from professional to personal to very personal to very very personal all they do is smile and hug you even if they hate to be asked such questions. But at the end you will be loved, respected and not to miss the most important become very FAMOUS!


Would like to thank Farmville (FV1) and Frontierville (FV2) on facebook for such a dream. But only if it works the way it does on FV1 and FV2. Crops growing ever hour or even every 5 minutes, clobbering snakes and groundhogs. Using the unwither powder, friends coming and lending a helping hand on your farm and even you go visiting. Gifting barn material or chicken coop material. Where even being the first one to buy a milk churn for my farm makes my happiness shoot to a level as if I have just got myself a customized Rolls Royce. Wow this sure is crazy! And to top it the entire race to jump from one level to the other. (Aha! Only FV1 and FV2 addicts can understand what I am talking about LOL)

They say, “Find a job you like and you add five days to every week.”

And I say, “Who doesn’t want a long life! Bring it on”


  1. Like like. The FV1 farmer, now that was an innovative dream. haha!

    Good luck.

  2. Talk show host - such a great dream! Why couldn't I have thought of it!! Nice post! :)