Friday, December 25, 2009

A Usual Day

It was early morning when the alarm on my cell phone began its monotonous blaring. I was actually caught between thoughts of whether I should get up or just put the alarm on snooze and nap for another 10 minutes. But then, I guess my laziness took over me as usual, being a typical Libran. I checked the message for my office transport and once I saw my colleague’s contact number in it, I thought, “What the hell, guess I can snooze for another 10 minutes!!!”

So, with sleep over-ruling my senses, I switched off my alarm, and slipped into the dream world all over again. But, without realizing I kept on sleeping and suddenly I am jostled out of my slumber by my mom’s screams. All I can hear are the words, “Sahil, get up or you will miss your cab!!!”. Thinking it’s just a part of my dream, I keep on snoozing away to glory. But suddenly, I feel something cold hit my face like being slapped with a big piece of ice. Realizing it was my mom throwing cold water over my face, I woke up with a start. Taking that as my cue, I jumped out of the bed, feeling as if all the adrenaline had already started pumping throughout my body.

Before rushing into the bathroom for my bath, I decided I needed to take out my clothes. Have you ever realized when you are in a hurry, you never seem to find the things you are looking for!?! It seems as if everything in the world has to go wrong at the precise time when you are in a hurry and too impatient to figure things out. So as usual, in all the hasty movements for taking out my things, I conveniently slipped and fell, cursing my ankle which got twisted.

Thus, began my morning ritual.

Crying in agony and cursing the wretched bed post, I wobbled around trying to find the necessary stuff and finally being satisfied with everything, I tried to rush for a bath. But, alas, that was not meant to be for I slipped and fell inside the washroom as well on the bathing soap. Not knowing what to do, I slowly got up and thinking it’s the end, I managed to get ready.

Having gotten ready somehow, I gobbled my breakfast and then like a maniac rushed out of the house as if the whole world was on fire. Once I reached outside my house, I noticed my office cab standing right there, adjacent to the triangular park, with its headlights on, like the glowing eyes of a ferocious animal in the bowels of a jungle.

The toughest task actually lay ahead of me. I opened the cab door (A Tavera which had a capacity to seat 8 people) and I saw there were already 7 people sitting cozily in the backseat of the car, sneering at me as if trying to challenge me to get in. Somehow, with a lot of pushing, shuffling, and grunting I managed to squeeze myself into the limited space available, though this task was not managed without attracting a few glares from my fellow travelers.

After this abominable task, I finally began the bumpy ride to my office. Geared up with my I-Pod, the ear phones plugged into my ears, I just sat with my eyes closed trying to concentrate on the things to be done in office that day, but to no avail. My inseparable companion, as usual took over me in a matter of seconds. With Shania Twain cooing in my ears, ‘forever and always’, I dozed off.

While sleeping, it felt like I am on a bumpy sleigh ride, wading through the snow, pulled by reindeer and the icy wind hitting my face, refreshing me through and through. But then suddenly, I am snapped out of my stupor. I woke up to find the window of the car open, the cold wind gushing and hitting me straight on the face. That’s when I realize the reason for the ecstatic feeling.

Finally, the car rolls into the office driveway. Struggling to open the door, I almost fell out, when the door is pulled open from outside by my colleague. In an attempt to conceal my embarrassment, I step out as if nothing had happened at all. With a straight back and bubbling confidence (but a slight limp because of the morning misfortunes), I walked ahead, entered the office premises, with my colleague by my side. Suddenly, he asks, “Sahil are you all right??? Why are you limping so much?” I just smiled and coyly replied, “Buddy, it’s a long story” laying the proper amount of stress and intonating the word ‘long’ as if I am a born voice and accent trainer. Seeing his confused look, I started reliving all those moments and just winced at the thought.