Friday, December 25, 2009

A Paradigm

Some of us detest the spring season because it brings flu along with it, but some of us are left untouched by it too…. the chilly breeze is a nemesis for some, but for the rest it is sheer bliss, poetry in motion, romance in the air. Spring is constant and inevitable year after year…what... however, is changing your attitude towards it!!

In the same way, my story will expatiate an incident in my life, which has been a stepping-stone to the growth of my maturity, my evolution and transition as a good human being as well as from a fledgling to a man. Over the various seasons of my life, it has been a continuous process, of positivity, right unto this day, since it is only through this transition that I am, as to what I am today, proud to be myself, "a loving child"," an endearing and supportive friend", “a hardworking and well balanced professional.”

I would like to unfold a first hand incident, which was an interlude to my metamorphosis.

On flipping back to the pages of my life, my most traumatic experience was, when I was 10 years old. My maternal grandmother, who had played a pivotal role in my upbringing, had started keeping very unwell. Being a child and highly immature, the gravity of the situation was not made aware to me at that point of time. Later in the same day, she suffered a major heart attack due to which she had to be immediately hospitalized. The sudden urgency in everyone's tones and way of speaking brought about a doubt in my mind. There was something more to what met the eye. Later, the same evening, my grandmother is driven home, but what I saw shattered me into a million pieces. The person I had idolized all throughout my life was no longer there to support me in my times of highs and lows. All I now possessed were a few sweet memories with which I had to spend my whole life. The fact of life, “Death”, had struck in my family and snatched away the most precious gift I had, from god, in the form of my beloved granny.

Death is, very hurtful and an appalling experience - but along with it comes the maturity to handle life and proceed with an iron fist. The whole experience was very unnerving and when I realized it, the bitter truth of loosing a grip on myself, was glaring at me in the face. The morbid situation had put me in despondency. Often, one looses control of one's own self due to emotional dependency and attachments, which usually hinders your overall personality growth. I was, in fact, no exception to this, although, the harsh reality hit me at a very tender age, it enabled me to take control of my feelings and in understanding the complexities of life, and how death plays an inseparable part of it in our lives.

This incident instilled in me a sense of oneness and all the innocence and childishness in me was replaced with a sense of purpose which was to help my relatives and parents specially my mother, to overcome the depression and to further be a pillar of strength for them, as this was the time when my worth as an individual would come to the fore.

Still, the memories of that dreadful day haunt me, but what I learnt that day… that no one is invincible and to believe in things blindly, is a foolish attempt and endurance is all it takes to be successful in life. So, in the end, no matter how many traumas and obstacles come your way, one should always strive to surpass them and try and be a good human being, because, after all that is what is the essence of life.