Monday, December 20, 2010


It was 11:45 PM, my drowsy eyes glued to TV (though all I could see were moving frames), the music on my laptop was playing softly, and all my endeavours to keep myself distracted from falling into deep slumber were proving to be infutile.

Water from my eyes dripped like a continuous flowing stream. However, my determination to cross the 12 AM mark was one of the two things that preoccupied my sleepy brain (the 1st being sound asleep...zzzzz...)

I felt as if the sleep goddess was trying to revenge some wrong made earlier. Every possible effort that I made to stay awake; it got countered by yawns and drowsiness. Being just 15 minutes away from the deadline made matters all the more unbearable and I could not, in any case, let the obscene tag of a lazy bum stick on me yet another time.

“How would Sasha feel if I was the only one who didn’t wish her Happy Birthday at the strike of 12?”

The room seemed cosier than ever and perfect for a Good Night’s sleep, even with the TV and music on. On normal days, when there is no pressure to open my eyes till midnight, the goddess is on strike but abruptly appears when I pray to her to keep me up and about till 12.

I smiled, as a witty idea creeped into my devilish mind. “Why not set the alarm and take a catnap for 5 minutes.”

Oh...!!! The very idea sent a wave of relief in me and I quickly set the alarm at 11:58 (2 minutes were enough to regain my senses). Before I knew, I was robotically pulled into the interior of my twin bed and in no time started my ‘Romance with dreams’.

The alarm cuckooed, ending my short stint with self gifted hibernation. Repelling the tough magnetic pull of my snuggery, I somehow sat cross-legged, crookedly smiling and eager to see the winning crown decorating my cranium in another minute. “Wow...!! I did it.” I was left amazed at my own triumph.

The Birthday girl’s number ornamented my handset’s monitor, and the thumb right in position to hit the green signal sharp at 12. As the moment to smash a rifle butt in everyone’s face neared, the excitement grew and so did the tension. Excited that I will wish Sasha after fighting a battle with my forty winks and tensed because what if, after all this effort, someone else goes on the first whishing spree?

The countdown began. 10 seconds to go. “Here I come babes, hu hu ha ha ha.”

Suddenly the phone started ringing. But with all my senses intact it sounded like my phones ring!! “Awww...the alarm!!!”

“The alarm??” I exclaimed with an eerie. “How come?? It already signalled me for a wake up and I just called Sasha!!”

“Crap! No, don’t tell me I was dreaming.”

Oh man, what do I see SASHA CALLING!! “An incoming call!! But where’s the alarm.” I thought.

Chuck the alarm. It’s supposed to be Sasha’s Birthday. How can she be the caller and me the receiver? “Maybe I am her lucky charm and she wants to start her beautiful day with my saccharine coated wishes.”

“Heyllo...!!! Would be Happy Birthday girl.” I giggled answering the call.

“It’s not would be, it is The Happy Birthday girl.” She said in the finest sarcastic tone ever, leaving my head spinning like an amateur boozer.

“The Happy Birthday girl? Oh Hello...!!! Your Birthday is tomorrow, still a few minutes to go.” I said with self-confidence like never before.

“And it is tomorrow, you sleepy head!” Sasha reverted, sounding more confident.

Without another word I started flipping news channels to confirm Sasha’s declaration, which meant another splendiferous defeat in my case.

“12:20 AM!!! How is this possible now?” I thought in bubbles.

All the channels showed Pandits, Guru’s and Devi’s predicting how the day for different star signs will be, reassuring it was the next day and Sasha as ‘The Happy Birthday girl’. How I wished the earth would have opened up and I never had to come out to face what was waiting next. I totally felt how Sita (Ram’s wife must have felt at that moment) I gazed at my cell phone dewy eyed and muttered, “I trusted you. But...!”

Sasha was still there. This fabulous idea of trusting the snooze ruined the whole midnight moment. I said keeping my hair on and eyebrows puckered, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sasha.”

“Yeah, Thanks.” She said sarcastically. “But tell me one thing. Why the hell you fall asleep on Birthdays. I mean you cursed or what?” And I heard a few people burst into laughter. “If you are done with your sleepy state, come downstairs, we are waiting for you.”

“Down???? Now???? WHYYYYYY???” I drawled....!

“Beggars are not choosers. You don’t have any right to question me as today is my Birthday. Come down in two minutes, else we are going.” She ordered.

Friends are the only ones who can curse you, kiss you, blame you, support you and Yes, order you ... all in one go....!!!

I gave one last angry look to my phone which made me look like a stupid loser in front of the birthday girl and then went to change into the proper attire.

In no time at all, I dressed as hurriedly as possible. When the time is short, and you know that your life is at stake, the body starts to respond automatically. For a change atleast! Running down the stairs, I quickly made a dash for the car standing on the opposite side of the road.

Everyone was standing outside the car. I hugged Sasha in a tight bear hug, cooing away ‘Happy Birthday’ mixed with ‘Sorry’s’. Giving me murderous glares, Sasha hugged me back after a few minutes (Actually, I’d refused to leave her till the time she did not forgive me).

“Its ok dahlin”, she replied, a big grin creeping along her round face. “Now, can you please get your big bum onto the rear seat so that we can be on our way!”

The taunts were surely hitting me right onto the spot…

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